Tutorial – How to create deeplinks to promote your Mobile apps that redirect to the user’s appstore

Promoting your mobile app can become hard, if you publish an app on several platforms. Here is a pretty simple tutorial, completely free that will allow you to advertise with a single link


What happens when the user clicks on the link ? if he clicks from an Android device, the user will be redirected to GooglePlay. If he clicks from an iPhone, he will be redirected to the AppStore. Same thing for Windows phone. You can also create a fallback url that redirects the user to your website, or Facebook  Canvas if he clicks from a desktop computer.

Here is the tutorial how to create qrs.ly deeplinks

1. Go to website : http://www.qrstuff.com/

2. Select on the Left « AppStore Download »

3. Fill the iTunes and googlePlay AppStore links as in the picture bellow

4. Fill the fallback url with your website or your Facebook Canva URL if your app is available on Facebook

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Examples :

– AppStore : itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/app/idxxxxxxxxxxxx

– GooglePlay : market://details?id=com.yourcompany.yourgame

– Facebook Canvas : https://apps.facebook.com/yourgame/

Note : the itms-app:// and market:// will launch the application AppStore and  GooglePlay.

5. Now your QR Code is set up, click on the right button on DOWNLOAD QRCODE, then display the image.

6. Scan your QR code with your phone. I use the mobile App QR Code Reader. This will display the link qrs.ly.  Copy this link manually. Use this link to advertise.

One link 4 AppStores.

7. Share your link with a small description on your favourite social networks

Feel Free to test my game link Moon Attack by clicking on the next link from desktop or Android device : http://qrs.ly/qt4qmpi

That’s All Folks

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