Notre Dame de Paris virtual visit of the French Cathedral on iPhone iPad Mac and Android – Masterpiece – by Emluuuucy

Masterpiece – by Emluuuucy

This is thrilling! I am in love with this app and what it gives to the evolution of apps and virtual tourism/education! Being disabled, I can’t go to Paris to see this amazing jewel of architecture, history, religion, and mystery. It feels like I can go there any time to stare in close detail at the art and listen to the soothing guide’s voice as he educates me and fascinates. Thank you so much for allowing me to visit somewhere I cannot otherwise. I am going to keep a keen eye for future projects and I am tickled pink in hopes of visiting more places! I will recommend this to my disabled friend AND normally-abled friends equally! Keep up the amazing work – PLEASE 🙂

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The only flaw, and I stress that highly as ONLY flaw is the « rate this app » prompt is a bit buggy but did not mar the experience for me – just wanted to point out.
I would adore seeing more of Notre Dame, and as you seem to be adding to it – woohoo!!!! I would pay to have the entire building in crazy detail, but am I being greedy? 😉
Suggestions for other buildings: Canterbury Cathedral, Hampton Court,the Met in NYC,the Louvre,Arundel Castle, , Tower of London, ahh I have hundreds. I will mail you presently with my wish list.. 😉

DOWNLOAD for iPhone & iPad :
DOWNLOAD for Mac :
DOWNLOAD for Android :


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