AppsCube Explorer reviewed on iPhoneLife

I also found an app finder app called AppsCube Explorerthat allows you to browse apps through a 3D interface. It helped me waste yet even more time by enhancing the navigation required to find more freebies–so I could waste even more time–if that makes sense. Select your next virtual iTunes gem in a slick 3-D gamelike interface!


First up, AppsCube Explorer is a unique and appealing way of perusing the app store. There is a downside to using the app however that isn’t very appealing. You pay a little extra for paid apps if you use this tool to purchase (at least the info about the app states something to this effect), which I haven’t noted what that surcharge might be, so buyer beware–the experience might not be worth the price.

I don’t know why the developer didn’t just include ads instead, but whatever, I still think it’s pretty cool, and shouldn’t cost you anything to browse and grab free apps (at least I haven’t had any charges yet). You can also peruse non-US app stores, and quickly share your apps through Twitter or Facebook. Navigation works with finger swipes much like an FPS game.

Read Original review here.

[warning]NB: the application is no longer available on the iPhone and iPad because of APPLE’s new restrictions (Too much discovery applications). However, other companies, continue to publish updates and new discovery apps with Apple’s validation. Do not hesitate to write Apple and to support us, if you want to see our App back on the AppStore.[/warning]


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